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    Windell Oskay

    Well, that is good news– I’m glad to hear that *at least* the hardware is okay.  

    (Again, I’ll hopefully have more time for Eggbots and setting up a testbed once our holiday rush is over– we’re in full-on production mode on the Digi-comp, working 20 hours a day or so.)
    I wonder if you could possibly run some debugging tests on your machine, by making modifications to the Eggbot Control python script, to hopefully narrow down what the root cause might be.  It could be an issue having to do with pyserial, or perhaps there’s an actual bug in our code that’s causing it.  Have you had any experience with python?

    Windell, do not worry about the holiday delay I *fully* understand. I’ve only got a couple hundred hours of python development, but 10’s of thousand of hours doing C/C++/Fortan and more than 40 other languages.  I currently work under contract as a senior programmer for NASA, and am one of the developers for LinuxCNC.  So yes, I should be to do some debugging (given the time – which is currently almost nil).  One of my major job focuses just took an interesting turn and I will probably be working overtime for the foreseeable future… Realistically I will likely only have at most an hour or so a night to work on any of my projects as I am winding down before bed (~1am). 

    Something that would be helpful would be if you or someone else could describe how to run the extensions standalone (outside of Inkscape) so I can run it in a debugger and single step through the code.  If that is not possible, then I can pepper the code with bread crumbs to isolate where it is dieing.  Do you have other suggetions besides the interface to pyserial?  As a note, I am in meetings the rest of the week, then I go on holiday/vacation, and possibly some work travel. I’ve put the EB in with my travel things, but do not expect that I will have to much time to work on it…

    Thanks again!


    I had the same trouble (but with Fedora, and inkscape 0.48.4).  As a hack, I deleted lines 31-33 of eggbot.inx.  The problem appears to be the empty _param section.for instructions_setup2.  I know nothing about inkscape extensions, but based it off of a fix from someone with a different unrelated extension but same error on newer inkscape.  You might want to update the download with a proper fix (or if this fix is correct) so people don’t have to run old versions of inkscape.

    Windell Oskay

    For the record, we did update the extensions with the change suggested by jlauro, which was necessary to fix a change in Inkscape as of 0.48.4.  This fix is included with extensions version 2.3.4 and higher.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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