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Thanks for the quick reply. After much research I selected a Pro. The Thanksgiving discount played a big role in that decision as well . I have much to learn as I am not experienced in SVG files. I opened a PNG file in Inkscape and saved it as a SVG file, it appears to have worked. And I really don’t understand layers yet. I get the concept, but the practical application was stumping me last night.
I also have more of an interest in spherical items as opposed to eggs. I’m going to start at Hobby Lobby and look for some plain ornaments. I purchased two packs of Sharpie Precision pens that appear to have the shape and size that will fit the penholder, we’ll see.
I downloaded the Github repository to get the example files which seem to be quite good. Searching for artwork and advice (how-to & artwork) on ornaments or spherical items has been less successful than I would’ve thought.