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    Windell Oskay

    >Why would you like to take out the egg and then put it into the eggbot again? Why not do all the marking at once?

    Certain important processes require that. :D
    Hi Windell,

    I made the modification factors 10000 and 10 to setup higher speeds.

    Through step_scaling_factor = 0.5  now I can use the standard svg-files without modifiyng 
    the documentsize to 6400×1600. And this did even cover speed-adjusting.
    Thank you very much for the tip.
    As I could test now higher speeds. It turned out that my arm is not stiff enough for speeds of more than 1200 steps
    per second. (which means 2400 steps per sec for a 400-fullstep/rev motor)
    I found another thing that is a bit annoying. Somewhere in the sourcecode I read that 
    if option start centered is chosen the first line has to start at a centered position.
    What’s so hard about calculating the difference between a first position with ANY coordinates
    and the centered position?
    As I started to modify the code. I have several ideas how to polish the code 
    remove hard coded factors that they CAN be replaced through parameters
    if parameter not found use hardcoded default value.
    How about using the *.INI-file standard Identifier=value?
    I’m a delphi programmer
    does python support INI-file-reading writing with commands or would I have to write everything from scratch?
    changing move-direction in the manual register through +- is annoying. 
    How about more buttons to just do a click on each command?
    Where is the GUI of the eggbot control defined?
    How much evolution of the python-code would you allow?
    should it be 100% downwards compatible or would you allow changing some things?
    best regards  
    Windell Oskay

    Hi Stefan,
    I would appreciate any code polishing that you are interested to perform, especially ones that help to remove fixed factors that should be changeable.  However, please keep in mind that our primary concern in “official” Eggbot driver software is reliability– and we have in the past gone so far as to remove features that reduced reliability.

    There are a great many improvements that are possible.  However, we have made the decision to implement the Eggbot software within the framework of an Inkscape extension, which does have some (well, many) restrictions on what is possible.

    The Eggbot control software has, at times past, included separate file saving and reading capabilities, and live buttons to control manual movements.  However, we were also plagued by poor reliability, and (especially) poor cross-platform compatibility.  I am the one that made the decision to strip the software down to be a “real” Inkscape extension, and it has had a very positive effect in that the software is generally quite reliable.  However, I do also feel quite limited by it, and we have often thought of using an entirely different approach. 

    The GUI for the extension is defined in the .inx file; only a few types of GUI elements are possible, and (most unfortunately) only the “Apply” button can actually launch the program.   There are some possibilities for how to get around this– for example, one might imagine an extension that puts the Eggbot into “live arrow key” mode, until you hit the escape key.  Or, one could use the Extension framework to launch an independent program (e.g., RoboPaint, in its Eggbot painting mode), rather than a “true” Inkscape extension.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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