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    Just ordered my ACF from Adafruit, which shipped today. Psyched!
    Im my haste to order however, I did NOT order the suggested USB/FTDI cable (
    Will an alternate FTDI cable work??
    a) I have the “FTDI Friend” ( I have that.
    b) I also have the simpler USB/TTL adapter:
    If you tell me that one of these cables will work, I will relax and wait for my delivery. 
    Otherwise I’ll place another order and get the correct FTDI cable.
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    Windell Oskay

    The FTDI friend (a) will work, but the simpler USB/TTL adapter (b) will not work. As it says there, “This cable is not good for Arduino re-programming.”


    I just received an A5 from Adafruit a couple of days ago; it came with version 1 firmware.  If you want to install new firmware, be sure you read the instructions about changing the baud rate (in the Sanguino boards.txt file), since the v1 bootloader runs at a lower speed.

    To replace the bootloader, I used a USB Tiny, which worked perfectly.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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