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    I am trying to figure out if the ATmega644A I purchased from EMSL can be programmed by my STK500?
    The online STK500 user guide only lists the ATmega644 and ATmeag644P. But under the “Tools” section for the ATmega644A details page from the Atmel website it shows the STK500.
    I know my STK500 is working correctly as I am able to read and write to my ATmega16 perfectly. But when I select ATmega644A in the drop down in the AtmelStudio Device Programming dialog, and try read the device signature it says;
    Unable to enter programming mode. The read device ID does not match the selected device or any other supported devices.

    Please verify device selection, interface settings, target power and connections to the target device.

    Any suggestions welcome!

    Windell Oskay

    While I have not done this myself (I do not have an STK500), it should definitely be possible. 

    Let me ask a couple of things to point you in the right direction. 

    – Was this a preprogrammed ATmega644A (e.g., for the Alpha Clock Five)? If so, the fuse bits are set to require an external crystal oscillator. Make sure that you’ve provided one, or are programming it on a board that provides one. 

    – Are you using the latest version of Atmel Studio? The ‘644A is a relatively new device, not supported by all older versions. 

     – Is it possible that your STK500 needs a firmware update? (I’m not sure that it does, however, we have needed to run firmware updates on our Atmel AVRISPmkII devices.)

    It’s working now :)

    I had to lower the ISP frequency. When using the ATmega16 it was working great at 460.8 kHz, but for some reason the ATmega644A prefers something lower, so I have it on at 115.2 kHz and I am able to program the device.
    Thanks for the response!
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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