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    My Axidraw arrives Monday and I plan to work on a LOGO implementation to use it for interactive drawing but before I start I wondered if anyone was already doing something similar ?


    Windell Oskay

    We do not presently have a LOGO interpreter. It was a topic under discussion some time ago, but we realized that modern Scratch-like block-based programming languages (which kids are learning today instead of LOGO) are great for making LOGO-like turtle graphics. 

    Two possible approaches if you would like to try that out:
    1. Use BeetleBlocks, and save your output turtle graphics as SVG. Some examples of using that with the WaterColorBot (one of our other pen plotters) can be found here: 
    2. Use Scratch or (preferably) Snap, and print directly.
    AxiDraw can be used with RoboPaint in its “remote print” mode to accept turtle graphics commands through the API. We have examples in Scratch and Snap, available here:
    These are typically phrased as “WaterColorBot” examples, but will work perfectly well on the AxiDraw too, so long as you have configured RoboPaint to AxiDraw mode.

    They look fun for somepeople but I’m a command line / REPL kind of guy so I shall forge onwards with LOGO.

    I’ll keep you posted :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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