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    I just received my Egg-Bot Pro and have it operating but running into a few issues spending a considerable amount of time centering a golf ball. Any tips on how to speed this up? I am hoping practice makes perfect, but wanted to reach out if anyone had any pointers. I will primarily be using the EggBot as a hobby and marking my golf balls.

    Also, on the internet I have found someone with rubber couplers like you see at the link below. Does anyone know where I could purchase something similar or identify what they actually are? If you need a better angle, I can try to get another photo.

    Thanks in advance for any help and look forward to joining the community.

    Windell Oskay

    Hi llewes,
    Once you’ve got the machine set up right for golf balls– with the pen motor and pen arm in the right position — you shouldn’t need to do any additional adjustments to the machine itself. The only setup that you really need to do is to remove the balls and put the next one in.

    The technique that we use is as follows:
    (1) Put the ball in
    (2) With the motors disabled, spin the ball around about one revolution, looking at the top edge of the ball as you spin it. As you spin it, note how much the ball goes up and down.
    (3) Stop when the ball is highest, so the “high point” is pointing up.
    (4) Keeping contact with the tail coupler, lower the ball against the egg coupler (the side facing the motor), half the distance that it wobbled up and down.
    (5 — optional, while getting started) spin it around once more to verify that it’s centered.

    Once you get the hang of it, that can take about ten seconds.

    The abrasive grips on the two couplers are made of a type of memory foam, which will slightly conform to the shape of your ball with use. That conforming will help to get your ball initially centered as well. I’d suggest that if you’re only going to use golf balls, to store the machine with a golf ball (centered) in the mount, so that it’s ready to help guide your first ball of the day into position.


    Awesome. Thanks, Windell, for the quick reply and great information. Very helpful. Just as a quick follow up, any insight on what the rubber couplers in the picture could be? It appears that it is not a product offered by the EMS store but wanted to see if I could find out what they are and give them a try. Thanks again!

    Windell Oskay

    No, I’m afraid that we haven’t seen those before. They appear to be standard rubber grommets that you could get from a company like McMaster-Carr.

    The dimensions of the couplers (and spares, without the abrasive foam attached) are available on our store pages:

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