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    (I’ve been thinking about this and saw that someone else had posted but replies are closed.)
    I would love if someone created a pen holder that attaches to or replaces the current one that has gears to adjust the pen in x/y directions (kind of how the fine adjustment tray on a microscope works).
    This would be amazing for registration with pens of differing sizes or colors. Any adept 3d print masters in here?


    Do it in software!

    Write a short script using AXICLI to move your new pen to, say, location 1 cm in X and 1 cm in Y.

    Install pen 1. Use a script to make a single dot there.

    Install pen 2. Use script to make a single dot

    Measure the distance between the 2 dots, in mm
    (say you see it as +1.7mm in X, -2.3mm Y)

    Now add a bias of -1.7mm X and +2.3mm Y to all Pen-2 AXICLI or Axidraw commands.

    I built a home-brew pen-changer that switches amongst 4 sharpies. Different sharpies may have different diameters, and my Axidraw pen-holders vary slightly, so when I need tight registration, I’ll make fine-position adjustments using Axicli commands

    Cheers, -Cliff.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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