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    This question is super-basic. but I just want to be sure:
    To add a simple on-off button or toggle to a simple LED-battery unit, am I correct in assuming that I can just splice a 2 prong button or toggle into the live/red/”power in” wire, like one does with a regular household plug-in lamp…? Or is there something special (well, aside from the tiny size) to take into account with a DC/battery-powered unit?

    My budget is also tiny, LOL!, so I don’t want to risk ruining components;)


    Windell Oskay

    Yes, you can simply add a switch in the wire from a battery box — one that already works to power LEDs — to the LED(s).

    Our store also sells battery boxes with built-in power switches.


    Thank you for your fast reply – AND, of course, for the info!
    I had looked through the “Basics” pages, but didn’t find one quite *that* basic, so I’m glad it was OK to ask.

    I did find your store pages, thanks!, and I’m looking through the various components today (which is giving me additional ideas!), in between building the gift I’ll be lighting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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