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    i’m a french art teacher in highschool. we’ve just purchased an axidraw SE/A3 for eduction purposes. i’ve been experimenting with it during my summer vacation. It is trully a fascinating machine to work wirth.

    however, there’s a quite confusing issue i’m not able to solve by myself for now. For some reasons, it seems that my axidraw is not as precise as i think it is supposed to be when it comes to repetitive line and patterns.

    i come from a traditionial drawing / engraving background and i was quite excited about the possibilities the hatching plugin for inkscape seems to offer. however, the lines tend to lose their regularity at some point. more confusing, the horizontal lines are very neat but when it comes to horizontal / 45° lines it is… well… not so good.

    in this simple square you can see that the line tend to lose their regularity in the middle of the figure
    in this casei convert a simple thin square into hatching, but you can see the lines are from parallel.

    i tried to make some line work, as clean as possible on inkscape, but here again, some problems tend to appear. some lines who were supposed to be strictly horizontal appears a bit curvy.

    finaly, i discovered that the machine is a gem for minimalist / pixal art work. i proceed by drawing a single 1mm square with two crossed lines in it. then it is all about copy and paste. But even though it is fascinating to look at those tiny drawing as they appear, the result is once again not as precise as i was hopping to. you can see the up left squares are perfect, but lower, they lose their precision.

    I hope i am as clear as possible, since my english can be quite broken sometimes.

    Maybe it is a well known issue, but i did not find answers in my research.

    thanks already for you reading

    Windell Oskay

    It sounds like your machine needs a little bit of tuning, and I need to ask some follow-up questions. Since you’ve written to us by email as well, I’ll follow up there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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