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    Any idea what the weight limit that the little servo can lift?

    I tried writing with one stubborn roller ball pen and I added two rubber bands to increase the downward force on the paper. The servo seems sluggish now, so I may have damaged it. I already have the replacement servo I ordered.

    Any idea what the maximum weight the servo can lift?

    I took off the the little bracket and plastic screw to hold that holds the pens to weigh it. It weighs 6.76 grams.

    A small pen (Pilot Precise v5 extra fine) weighs 9.77 grams.

    If I replace the bracket and pen with my own dispenser, it would be nice to know how much weight overloads the servo.

    Windell Oskay

    The nominal maximum weight of the pen is normally stated as 45 g. However, heavier weights (or especially rubber bands) can dramatically reduce the lifetime of the pen lift motor.

    Liquid ink roller balls like the Pilot Precise V5 *should not* require any additional weight or force in order to work well.


    Thanks for the info. The Pilot Precise works fantastically without rubber bands. The one that I had trouble with is an Ohto Fude Ball. It writes super-wide 1.5 mm lines, and I was experimenting with it. The Fude pen requires a lot of downward pressure to get the ball rolling and doesn’t work well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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