some problem during use this chip in my design

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    Now I am going to use P871pc768fd in control the DC motor which will be used in Automated equipment. The function is to generate pwm wave and ad wave, and encounter some problems, I hope friends can help.

    My question is that is this chip can be multi program? In the datasheet ,The description is 4K EPROM but somewhere also show it is OTP 4K ROM. So which one is correct , or it is just one time program?

    1.There are two configuration bytes of EEROM inside the P871PC768. Therefore, when programming the chip, do you need to program the EEROM separately in addition to the programmed hex or bin file?

    2.And we found this 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU is obsolete. So Is there any replacement of this chip P87lpc768fd?
    3. does some one have P871PC768 a program file or test code?

    Hello everyone. I am a electronic engineer. I have some problem during I use this chip in my design.

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