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    I have some trouble running the source code. I installed processing-2.0b7 (linux64) together with the toxiclibs library. I tried all the releases from ControlP5 library. With the last three I get the error: With the three most recent versions I get the error: The method selecting(String, String) in the type PApplet is not applicable for the arguments (). With the others I get the error: cannot convert from void to button

    I was wondering what version of processing and what releases of the libraries you have been using.

    I want to run the source code to try stippling without blurring. Also I would like to see if I can speed it up. I am a newbie at processing but I’d like to give it a try. I thought of tuning the temp value of 200, but may be you have other suggestions where I could look for performance enhancements. I have to create a large file, probably 50000 stipples so time is an issue for me.

    Windell Oskay

    StippleGen was tested under 2.0b6; I have not tested it under 2.0b7, and we do know that there are changes that affect the compatibility with some of our other sketches. 

    For very large numbers of points, StippleGen is very slow.  Depending on your particular application, you may be able to speed things up by breaking the image into smaller chunks that you render independently, or by running StippleGen repeatedly, with a lower number of points in each test.
    For a much bigger speedup, I’m afraid that the ToxicLibs voronoi routines are likely the holdup; using a computer vision software package, for example OpenCV (which can interface to processing) might be able to create a very large improvement.

    It was also not working under 2.0b6, but i got it working under 2.0b7 with some changes. The selectinput and selectoutput do not return a string anymore, but have now a callback function. I added voids with the getabsolutepath functions for the loadpath and savepath and added the librarie to for the file class.

    Of course I can send you the altered code if u are interested.


    Hi Windell,

    Unfortunately I had to abandon this project. For the final project I had to generate halftones with stipples either with a fixed radius or with a radius within a very limited range (5 mm max, 3 mm min) and the stipples should not overlap.

    I found out that using a stipple pattern like that I could never get the gradients that would be required to get a good representation of the subject image. The dark parts would remain too light and the highlights (white stipples) would still look dull.

    About the changes to the code to get StippleGen working under processing 2.0b7: i was a bit too enthusiast in my former post. It did not generate an error anymore in processing, but the load and safe files functionalities were not working. I managed to make a work around. I had to click the load button a second time before the the loadpath would be properly loaded. Not a neat solution but ok for me at that time.

    Thanks for your support anyway! I have to say its an interesting program that I will keep in mind for some other projects that I am thinking about!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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