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    Good afternoon,all
    I would like to ask you some advice about my project cause I am an electronic fan. My professional knowledge is limited.
    I am doing a project using AD of C8051F040 to sample. The input pot is AIN0.0 and AIN0.1. The voltage of reference input–VREF0 connects is 3.3V. This is the [datasheet of C8051F040]( “datasheet of C8051F040”).
    Now the AIN0.1 input can sample normally. AIN0.0 always output 3.3V. I don’t know why?When I measured them the voltage did short out.
    Does everyone here meet such a situation? Could you give me some suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

    Windell Oskay

    I don’t have experience with this chip, but if it’s giving an output, then you may have a different peripheral having control of that pin.

    You’ll also need to make sure that your MUX settings selects AIN0.0 to be active (rather tan AIN0.1), and that the correct Analog Input Enable Bit is set for that pin.


    Windell Oskay,thanks for you remind! You are kind!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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