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    I have Robopaint v0.9.5 working successfully with Axidraw and Watercolorbot on my desktop computer (Windows 10). I need to install axidraw on a laptop for a demo at the district office, but…

    1) Robopaint 2.0.0 won’t connect to the Axidraw — sometimes it says connected successfully 0/1 and if it doesn’t connect and I try to reconnect, it says something like this.log is not a function).

    2) In Robopaint v0.9.5, it connects but everything draws really small. When I set Axidraw up on my desktop this happened and I just had to select Axidraw in the settings to fix it, but even though I’m trying to install the EXACT SAME VERSION of Robopaint there is no Axidraw option.

    Any ideas?


    Forgot to mention that as far as I know, I need Robopaint to run in the background and can’t just use Inkscape because I’m running student Python code from the command line (modified turtle code that controls the axidraw).


    Just tried Robopaint 2.1.0 with the same result as 2.0.0.

    Windell Oskay

    First, is the laptop also running Windows?

    Second, you may be able to add AxiDraw support to your copy of RoboPaint 0.95, if it is working otherwise and you have a working AxiDraw configuration file for 0.95 on your other computer. On my Windows machine, the machine configuration files are located at:
    robopaint\app-2.0.0\resources\app\node_modules\cncserver\machine_types .

    Within that folder, you should find files like “watercolorbot.ini” and “axidraw.ini” — you should be able to copy one of these RoboPaint 0.95 machine configuration file to the corresponding folder on your other computer to add AxiDraw support to it.

    Towards getting v 2.0/2.1 working, it would be very helpful if you could post a request directly at https://github.com/evil-mad/robopaint/issues — the author of RoboPaint may be able to weigh in, and may have debugging suggestions.

    Finally, is there any chance that you could skip robopaint entirely, and use our python-based software or the CLI interface instead? We do have a full-featured python library for AxiDraw that can plot SVG or use XY movement commands. If you need turtle move commands, we could probably add those pretty quickly. There’s more about this here:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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