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    I was thinking of laser cutting a wooden face for the Bulbdial clock but can’t seem to find the vector drawing of the face.

    The bulbdial wiki page has a pdf but I am not able to extract the clock face path from that pdf file. I am able to import the pdf into Inkscape but cannot get it it converted into a format Ponoko is happy with.

    Would it be possible to get an Inkscape compatible drawing of the clock face please? 

    Thanks! :-)


    The file was most likely produced using Inkscape and saved as PDF. By ‘opening’ the file in Inkscape and saving as SVG you should be good to go. I have changed the stroke to red as this is a requirement by some of the laser cutting services.

    Bulbdial Face SVG

    If ponoko refuses the file try saving as ‘plain svg’ (stripping off Inkscape info.)




    After playing with the SVG file you sent I realized that I just had to do an un-group in inkscape after importing the pdf.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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