MOnSter 6502 Video

We’ve been working on the MOnSter 6502 project for quite some time. We first introduced it last year, and since then we have brought it up to the stage of successfully running programs in assembly, BASIC, and Forth. We have taken this opportunity before Maker Faire to put together an introductory video for the project.

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7 thoughts on “MOnSter 6502 Video

  1. I’m curious if you’re willing to publish any details for the computer that you developed?

    “we have built up a single-board computer (a tiny motherboard) that uses the 6502 as its CPU, such that you can either use a socketed (vintage) 6502 IC, or the MOnSter 6502 through a cable.”

    Is this a potential future product for you? Perhaps it would allow more people to develop for your MOnSter 6502 without having one?

    1. The computer uses an ARM-based microcontroller to emulate a standard set of computer peripheral ICs. Eric has put up a separate blog post where he gives a few more details about its capabilities. And yes, it is likely to evolve into a future product for us. It’s getting to be a wonderful little 6502 development environment, and the fact that you can swap out the IC for the MOnSter is icing on the cake. :)

        1. If you’re asking about whether the MOnSter 6502 will be on display at our shop after Maker Faire, the answer to that is no. We do have a bare first rev PCB here, but we do not normally have an assembled one up and running and on display.

  2. Suggestion you may already have thought of:

    You should consider building an Infocom z-machine interpreter that would run on the Monster 6502, so you could run Zork on it. That’d be software from the relevant era, but with relatively simple display requirements.

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