Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is the blog and R&D arm of Evil Mad Science LLC, a family owned small business in California, designing and producing “DIY and open source hardware for art, education, and world domination.”

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories strives to live up to its motto, “Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a time,” serving as a resource for budding evil mad scientists everywhere.

New projects are posted on most Wednesdays, and occasionally more often, as time permits.

Random acts of indiscriminate blogging on any topic may also occur at any time.

Meet the evil mad scientists!

Don\'t try this at home

Windell H. Oskay (drwho (_at_) evilmadscientist.com) owns several slide rules. A published playwright, award winning cartoonist, and obscenely creative amateur chef, he has been variously employed as a quantum mechanic, photographer, and (atomic) clock maker. Several people have described food that he has prepared in terms more positive than “edible.” He is notorious for disrupting a Shawn Colvin concert (on a first date, even) and for putting (and using) an “Ooga” horn on a bicycle. Some of the other things that he somehow ended up designing and building include an interactive dining table, a carbon-fiber electric guitar, hard-drive wind chimes, radio-controlled hovercrafts, nixie tube clocks, and magnetohydrodynamic-powered boats.


Lenore M. Edman (mrswho (_at_) evilmadscientist.com) used to live in Portland, Oregon where she commuted by bicycle with her kid riding along in a sidecar. Abandoning wet for warm, she moved to Austin, Texas, where she designed and sewed her own wedding dress. Later, as a regular of the Boulder, Colorado weekly cruiser bike ride, she overhauled a mid-century Hawthorne ladies bicycle (named Stella). Since moving to Sunnyvale, California, she has helped to popularize edible origami and has learned to make some wicked curries. Her college studies in classical Greek prepared her well for her career working with professors, librarians, engineers and scientists.


Zener (last name Diode), is a full time shop cat at Evil Mad Science.

JellyBean monitor Finally, organized


The Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories Feline Auxiliary

JellyBean (left) and Rachael (Right) maintain law and order, assist with occasional project photo shoots, and mop up spilt milk.

Even more Evil Mad Scientists

If you consider yourself an Evil Mad Scientist, or have stuff you would like to show off that is related to projects on this web site, please consider contributing pictures to the Evil Mad Science Auxiliary group on Flickr.