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Linkdump: November 2021

Sodium crystals on graph paper next to plastic dish and tweezers

Linkdump: September 2021

Nanoarchitected materials designed from precisely patterned nanoscale structures (pictured) may be a promising route to lightweight protective coatings and other impact-resistant materials. Credit: Carlos Portela et al

Linkdump: July 2021

Cookies baked to look like pottery sherds

Linkdump: June 2021

Linkdump: April 2021

555 diagram next to 555 built of tubes

Linkdump: March 2021

Curtiss Motorcycle from 1907

Linkdump: February 2021

Tiny chameleon on fingertip

Linkdump: January 2021

CMYK embroidery

Linkdump: December 2020

Electronic breadboard wristwatch on an arm