Play with your food: Competition Rita Stacking

Competition Rita Stacking is a relatively new sport, and a recent favorite at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Read on for the rules.

The Rules: Each player is provided with an identical frozen margarita in a glass, as well as a fork, knife, spoon, and bendy straw. (There has been some debate as to definition of the regulation margarita glass, however the current draft of proposed regulations states that any set of glasses may be used, however, any player may request– before the toast– that glass assignments be decided by coin flip.) The players begin by touching their glasses and setting them on the table. Once the last glass is sitting on the table, players may use their fork, knife, spoon, straw or fingers to shape and pile their margarita. The first player to pile their margarita to a height of 8 inches (just over 20 cm) above the liquid level of their glass is the winner.

We expect that this sport will quickly gain the recognition that deserves and become an Olympic Event, or possibly (since they are frozen) one held at the Winter Olympics.

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The demonstration video above was made with Gawker, an awesome little piece of time lapse software. If you like time lapse movies, take a look at our snail races, too!

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