Supercapacitor Contest: The End Is Near.

The Supercapacitor Contest ends at midnight on Monday night, July 31. The end is near! This is not eBay; there is no advantage in waiting until the last minute. It’s your last chance to submit an entry and possibly win fame and/or fortune, in the form of ten sweet supercapacitors. To recap: submit your best idea for what to do with a bunch of 2.5 V, 1.5 F carbon aerogel capacitors with ultra low equivalent series resistance. To enter, leave your entry as a comment here or E-mail it to us. Keep reading to see some of the cool ideas that we’ve already received. Can you do better?

Here is a list of some (not all!) of the cool entries received thus far:

  • a rechargable, reusable, hangover-murdering flashbang grenade
  • dynamo powered flashlight
  • a solar powered video transmitter that will send a still every few hours
  • power a HV lifter
  • string them up like firecrackers and apply enough voltage to make them explode!
  • rapid-charging flashlight that uses superbright leds such as the Luxeon variety.
  • a supercap based colloidal silver maker
  • a portable multistage coilgun
  • home-brew self defense tasers
  • Make your own strobe light using the flash from a cheap old camera!
  • Solar powered LED Blinkers
  • a 9v form factor quick-recharging battery
  • Measure how long your desk is in capacitor-widths, and Claim your desk is X farads long.
  • fashion electronics! glowing earings, necklaces, bracelets, funky glowing clothes and best of all, everything is rechargable!
  • Mod your wireless mouse to use these.
  • home made shake-flashlight(s)
  • solar powered evil mad scientist laboratories logo night light
  • Connect them to electricity the opposite way so they all blow
  • make one giant supercapacitor and stick it in your front yard for the whole world to see geekiness
  • a portable Waveguide EMP gun

Have you got something better than anything on this list? Time’s running out– and good luck!