Cure that crooked picture frame with rubber feet

Crooked picture?

What do you do about a picture that just won’t hang straight? We got a great new poster and promptly hung it prominently in the dining room. However, the poster frame just wouldn’t hang straight on its own. We’d like to share our quick and easy solution with you: rubber feet.

rubber feet!!!  rubber foot

Rubber feet are great. We keep lots of sizes on hand. These ones are relatively small (part number ACS1371 from BGMicro). Just put one rubber foot in each of the lower corners of the frame on the back side. When you hang the picture and get the frame straight, the rubber feet provide just enough friction to prevent the frame from moving.

Picture held straight by rubber feet

Not that you can tell from the photo, but our spirit level confirms that our poster hangs straight now!


10 thoughts on “Cure that crooked picture frame with rubber feet

  1. How do you know that the poster wasn’t straight, and that it was your house that was tilted :)

    1. Living in So Cali we see the occasional earthquake so to straighten and also keep pictures tight on the wall I use museum wax (usually just in the lower corner on the frame). Google the word s ‘quake wax’ and that will get you started. It’s don’t hurt your walls and it’s reusuable.

      1. I have heard of museum wax being used for this purpose. However, we didn’t have any on hand and had guests coming over that night and had already pounded the nail in the wall. So, we used what we had on hand, and it worked quite well.

        1. Well, if you can find it, museum wax is also dandy for small-scale photography. You can use it to secure a bit of jewelry or a small part while you photograph it and it comes right off afterwards. No residue left on your object or your photography jigs. And as Lenore states, it’s reusable too!

  2. Rubber feet work well on walls like you have here… but we have numerous picture frames on the side of our staircase in a great room. Since the children seem to take the stairs like elephants, the rubber feet weren’t enough. We have been using a small ball of poster tack (sticky silly putty type stuff) under one of the bottom corners of the frames. I haven’t had to staighten pictures in months. This works well, since it hold the picture straight, and has a little adhesion to keep it there despite the "elephants."

    1. Some brands of poster tack will cause discoloration after long use, so be careful. If rubber feet aren’t sufficient, you might want to consider museum wax, as one of our previous commenters suggested.

  3. I’ve always used tape (masking tape, blue painter’s tape, scotch tape) rolled back on itself and placed in the corners to keep pictures level. ~ coolchick

  4. The rubber feet work for a while and then the picture starts moving again. There is a real solution for this problem it is called an Afixit Picture Point. They were invented by an artist in Phoenix to keep his work looking good. You can check them out at

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