Frighten yourself with! suggested search terms

I saw that displays a list of search suggestions if you have trouble completing your thought. Since we do a lot of “how to” articles, I thought that I should see what people are searching for and… and… I am now officially frightened.

(Yes, it actually suggested that. I only added the arrow.)

Update: We’re having a contest now.

11 thoughts on “Frighten yourself with!

  1. How can you write a bibliography if you can’t even spell? And why is tying a tie 2 of the top 3? Oy!

  2. It would be great if “how do you know if your pregnant” came back with:

    Did you mean: How do I learn how to spell correctly?

  3. It came up with ‘ipod’ because it doubled-up the line above it. "How do you download songs onto an ipod"

    I don’t like to badger the crowd, but as far as the "How do you spell" discussion, I’d like to point out that "your" is spelled properly (As in "Your pizza", "Your flat tire", "Your coffee")
    It IS, however, grammatically incorrect, the writer should have used "You’re" or "You are". (as in "You’re a bad speller", "You are silly")

  4. I think the incorrect use of the pronoun contraction (your vs. you’re) says it all… Clearly underage children who have yet to achieve a passing grade in english grammar are getting knocked up!

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