Goth jewelry gone awry

Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture? This is a meme I never thought I’d contribute to, but this Goth necklace¬†showed up in one of my favorite “people actually buy that?!” catalogs.

Fittingly enough, the catalog’s subtitle is “A Catalog of Personal Growth and Exploration.”


8 thoughts on “Goth jewelry gone awry

    1. heh, until I read your comment, all I was thinking was "what is wrong with two skeletal hands holding onto a stargate?" … I guess you only see what you want to see…

  1. You are supposed to notice the resemblance to the infamous "goatse" image. I doubt I can link you to it on here but trust me it’s not pretty and if you really wanted to see it I’m sure you could figure out a way.

    1. I didn’t understand it either, not having seen the Goetse image. I found the pic easily but I don’t recommend it to anyone. Your life will be just that little bit better if you don’t see it.

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