2 thoughts on “Happy door

  1. This is not uncommon. In fact, most multi-level telephone offices (and I’m sure other types of industrial buildings) have doors like this. They are access doors to the outside for equipment delivery that won’t fit or is too heavy for the stairs. They are also convenient for removing large items from upper levels. They are usually equipped with some sort of slide out crane or lifting device as well. I think if you look around you’ll see a lot of them around a typical city. I have, in fact, stood in a similar doorway 15 stories high to receive equipment.

    1. I have also seen equipment doors on the sides of tall buildings. This one is a little unusual because it appears to be just a door to an open roof area. You might think that if they’re going to get a crane anyway, why not lower the equipment right onto the roof top, rather than going through the door….

      Windell H. Oskay

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