The Ducklings go to the Pond

Wake up

While staying in Sydney last month, I spent a lot of time at the botanical gardens, and, since it was spring, there were ducklings. I watched one family go from sleeping under the tree to swimming in the pond one morning, and I took a lot of pictures.

What follows after the jump is an annotated photo essay in which one duckling is forced to answer the question, “If your siblings all jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?”

Time to go

Mama duck wakes up her ducklings to go to the pond. Some are more eager than others.

Going to the pond

She leads them right up to the edge.


Jump in

She demonstrates proper leaning technique just prior to the leap. They stay well back from the edge.


close-up on falling duckling Looks like a long fall

He landed safely, but the remaining two are not convinced.


See, we're just fine down here

Mom swims closer for encouragement, while they look for a better jumping off point.


Here I go...

Mom decides they need another demonstration, so flies up again. Meanwhile, the braver of the two makes the jump.

You're crazy!


You know you need a close-up of that.Ok, this is the last time I show you

Mom lands by the reluctant one for one last demonstration.


Come on, walk up to the edge

“Do I have to?”


And jump in

He approaches the edge.


Ok, I'm getting ready

He leans in just like he was shown.



And he’s off!

it's the blur in the middle


In case you didn’t catch that, he’s the cute duckling shaped blur.Did it!

And he’s off to join the family.

If you need bigger pictures to satisfy your cute cravings, check out the set or revel in the slideshow. Or just browse all the ducklings in flickr.

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  1. i, for one, welcome duckling pictures — this is a well-documented example of how cute, fuzzy young animals learn :)

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