Trombone Cozy

trombone cozy

trombone cozy

This trombone cozy was necessitated by a skin allergy to certain metals. It is a rectangle of soft cotton material with velcro sewn on so that it wraps snugly around the portion of the horn that comes in contact with the trombonist’s neck. I measured the length of the tube we wanted to cover, and wrapped a string around it to get the circumference. I added a bit seam allowance and overlap for the velcro to start with a rectangle of material about 3″ x 7″ and a 6.5″ strip of velcro. I rolled a hem around the four sides and sewed the velcro on. Problem solved– no more neck irritation makes for a much happier band member.

2 thoughts on “Trombone Cozy

  1. This is awesome! As a wind player who suffers from sensitive skin (once I had an allergic reaction to something in the auditorium that was serving as a warm-up room during an audition and my whole eyelid swelled shut…another time I found out that I was allergic to Blistix when I used too much of it the day before an audition and my lips swelled up…), I’d probably really appreciate this if I were a trombonist [as it is, I play the flute — thank goodness my fingers don’t react to the silver!]

    The idea of accessorizing one’s trombone also reminds me of a couple of the trombonists in my high school band, who used to slip special decorative sleeves that their moms had made in school colors onto their slides for football games and pep rallies.


  2. these are actually available commercially, as well. i have one on my own trombone.

    not only does it protect the skin from allergies (the bell-receiver pipe is often nickle-plated, which causes allergic reactions in people sensitive to nickle) but it also protects the lacquer on the instrument from being eaten away by acids in your skin.

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