Weekend project: Phylm contest entry

As we mentioned before, the deadline for the entering the Phylm contest is 12:00 am (GMT) May 1, 2007 extended to May 14, 2007, which is rapidly approaching. That leaves you just one weekend two weeks! We know that many people work better under a deadline, so our challenge to you is to make this your weekend project. We’re sure you can put together a two and a half minute film featuring physics over the weekend. So, let’s see your submissions!

Videos will be judged on clarity, accuracy, and creativity. The winner will receive a check for $100 (US) to be dispersed in June 2007. Once again, you can watch the video announcement at YouTube or (embedded) here:

1 thought on “Weekend project: Phylm contest entry

  1. Well, the deadline extension permitted me to re-do my 2nd entry…which made me very happy. Don’t you hate it if you have to put forward something that you know really isn’t your best effort, because you have a deadline?



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