What is it?

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What is this mystery tool? Leave your guesses in the comments!
This particular item is one of my personal favorite tools. (We’re not the experts at this game, but we do like to play.)

P.S.: If you do instantly know what this is, please save your spoilers and let’s hear the guesses instead, m’kay?

54 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. Its a SPIRAL!!!! Use like regular spiral.

    No really, is this one of those candle-putter-outers that works by conducting the heat away from the flame?

  2. Ah yes, I know what that is – it’s the aerial off a 1947 RAAF microwave/RF transceiver used for communicating with extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms. I know it is as someone STOLE it from me last week. I know what you guys are up to and I know where you live. Expect a visit soon!

  3. It looks like it does something heat related. But there are no scorch marks. And its very well made.

    I would guess its soldering related but again its too well made and no heat insulation if its hand-held.

    Im thinking kitchen? Cocktail stirrer? Cocktail whisk? Or one of those things you put in a glass coffee mug to disperse the heat when pouring in hot water which might break the glass?

  4. It’s a golf ball retriever I have one almost exactly like it in my bag, great for pulling balls out of a shallow stream or within the first few feet of a water hazard.

  5. It’s a fancy-schmancy egg holder for people who eschew the cheapo wire ones in the Paas coloring kits.

    1. It is a gold ball holder. You use this to scoop your ball out of the water after a hazard shot.

  6. It’s either a tool custom designed for reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, or the missing piece of the chameleon circuit.

    1. It appears to be an anticlockwise quadrant-tuned helipole aerial from a 3000-series temporal baryotron. You need to have two of these hooked up to your time-stream transport chamber, and it’s usually a good idea to pack a spare in your gig bag just in case.

      That’s assuming that the item is a 120 cm long or so, which one cannot tell from the pictures. Otherwise, I’ll go with the boiled-egg-grabby thing.

    2. yup uh-huh everybody:
      i too am guessing it’s ye olde eggpoacher

      [which item in Peacetime (as opposed to Mealtime) likely serves as a tough yet o-so-goosy ritual hair ornament in various elaborate escheresque topknots of maker faire’s _stealth_ kabuki dancer troupe. still practicing under the radar before the unnamed techfetish ball:
      Their act will be unseen soon, somewhere cunningly near you.]

      Cmon, tell us if you know.
      is it
      A mayo whip [from the Mayo clinic]?
      A wonton soup wet cloud chopper-fluffer?
      A reusable cotton candy cone?
      The only proper implement to politely push away public huggers?
      An ectoplasm handler from a defunct spirit cult ?
      A quasi-quacky medical healing wand which is All That Remains of some best forgotten pseudoscience?
      Or is it a spritely, sproingy Springtime hamsterlift, which is cleverly also a barbeque tool?

      WhatEVer it is, it’s sure

      Shiny! Magpie want!

  7. It’s used to dip things in melted chocolate to make them chocolate-coated-things (strawberries, peanut butter balls, etc.).

  8. I have one, my friend, a chef, has one. It is a tool for removing eggs from boiling water. Mine is short-handled, his is long because he uses a deeper pan for boiling lots of eggs.

    Of course, we could both be using an aliens UHF receiver to remove eggs from boiling water, maybe i’m wrong!

  9. I don’t see any leads, doesn’t seem scorched (maybe). The top is made spring like, not just a spiral. There is no insulation at the handle end. Handle end looks darker, well handled? Looks too "goofy" to be made for RF. I’m going to guess some type of manufacturing tool to keep two materials separate. or a magic wand.

      1. No, I do indeed mean urethral sound!

        Apparently used properly they aren’t painful. I don’t know what they’re officially used for, but I know a few people that use them "for fun".

  10. It’s an instrument used to keep you eyes open whilst driving at the weee hours. Or a way to remove eggs from boiling water.

  11. Is it a tool that you can use to get a boiled egg out of a really, really, really deep pan of boiling water?

  12. It’s a nose picker. And not a cheap knock-off, either. Quality stuff there. Where did you get it?

  13. It’s used by people born with flipper arms, (the thalidomide babies) to put contact lenses in, as they often can’t reach their eyes.

  14. 1. An eggcup. Why does one need such a long handle at all? No.
    2. Cocktail stirrer. The handle is too long and the spiral is too small. No
    3. Mush potatoes. You would need to much only vertical potatos :) No
    4. Yolk separator. You risk teh yolk will get through the spiral. No
    5. Golf ball retriever. The handle seems to short for that. No.
    6. frothing whip. Certainly it is not a regular whip. No.
    7. Egg holder used with coloring kit. Possibly you can use it for that. The idea is the same…
    8. For beating the dust out of futons. Made of metal? No.
    9. Scoop for lifting boiled eggs. Possible, but why would you want to lift boiled eggs?
    10. Rejected designs for a supppository. … For elephants? :) No.
    11. to dip things in melted chocolate. Yes!!!!!!!

  15. It is a truffle/chocolate/candy dipping tool. It is not an egg-rescuer–it’s not big enough.
    The top of the tool is only about the size of a U.S. quarter, and the swirl leaves a decorative pattern in the chocolate on the final product.

  16. of corse its a bubble wand!
    kidding i have no idea what it is
    but it looks like a bubble wand

  17. It’s an LED-themed cookie time machine evil laser death ray wormhole generator!

    This is an educated guess, not a crazy idea. According to all the projects on this website, I will have to conclude that this is the only reasonable conclusion, because it is relevant to every project on this website. Therefore, you are wrong and I am right.

    That’s a pretty high–quality LED-themed cookie time machine evil laser evil cat ray wormhole generator you got there. How many nanomillenniums did it take you to make?

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