14 thoughts on “3200 Mice. Explain.

  1. Heh, I heard this on NPR recently. They didn’t know why either. They speculated that the Pentagon’s response would be to award a no-bid contract to Halliburton for 1000 cats.


  2. At over $6 each they’re quite pricey for feeding pet snakes.
    My paranoid theory is biological weapon delivery system.

  3. … is that the mice are implanted with small bombs, are released into enemy territory, and detonate vital farms used for making cheese. :<|

  4. Well, falcon food is the logical, female because they don’t want they to grew in number exponentially and small because they want one not to be to much for a single falcon…

  5. They could be for genetic testing.
    There would need to be a large number of them for some good trial and error experiments.
    And female mice are simpler because of the two X chromosomes.

    1. There actually was a CIA plan, decades ago, to put listening "bugs" on cats and small animals that either wouldn’t be noticed or much cared about if they were in or around an embassy. Now that there are nano-tech ways to use even small insects to do the same thing, mice could be a good deterrent. Mice can fit into anything that they can get their head though, and naturally seek confined and safe places from predators, as well as use thier well developed senses of hearing and smell. If you put a tracking chip in them, you could find openings and paths that would otherwise e hard to find and map. Also, if you saw thier tracking blips start to "scurry" you could detect movement that may be stealthy to electronic sensors but not to Mother Nature’s time-tested survival mechanisms.

  6. Well, typically, the Soviets liked to steal western (American) technology in order to keep up. I imagine that with all of the progress being made in life-sciences concerning the human genome project, stem-cell research etc, and the potential benefits of such technology where defensive and pffensive potentialities may be concerned, and given the relatively short life-spans of mice, one might think that some laboratory confirmation of ‘acquired’ genetic technology or like might very well be afoot…

    Hopefully they haven’t lost their minds and have decided to release a latest version of the bubonic plague into the EU …

    It’s a job for our new Cyber-BOAs boys ! ! ! =)

  7. i think they will control their mids and build a super army!!

    …yes i am crazy

  8. What is a bit stumping to me is that this gets picked up as a news story. 3200 mice isn’t a vast amount and they are indeed used both in medical experimentation and as a pet food. They seem to be paying a little much so I’d presume there were further specs attached rather then run of the mill feeder mice (unless those just happen to be very expensive there or their government is no better then ours at pricing the items they buy) so I’d guess experimentation, something even organizations like this have to do if they have any wits about them. Note that that could just as easily entail defensive, in the true sense of defensive, research as in "Suppose someone launches a biological or chemical attack – what might be a reliable countermeasure or post-failed countermeasures attempt to recover?".

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