Catalog review: Lee Valley & Veritas February 2008

Lee Valley and Veritas catalog

Thanks to Kaden‘s recommendation, we get the Lee Valley & Veritas catalogs. The February 2008 edition arrived not too long ago, reminding us of what a good catalog is all about. Lovely photos and clear, tempting descriptions are are often augmented by illustrations. Sprinkled throughout are tips on how to choose and use various tools.

The catalog is forty pages plus an insert. There is a nice assortment of items from their hardware, woodworking and garden catalogs. What more could you ask for in a catalog? How about a fold-out cable tie spread and a technical bulletin? Your wishes are granted.

Lee Valley and Veritas catalog

On page four there is a fabulous two-page spread of cable ties. The “Master Set of 1550 Ties” includes basic, heavy duty, and specialty ties. Specialty ties? Mounting ties, label ties, and releasable ties! One can never have too many cable ties.

If you can make it past the cable tie spread, you’ll get to the tools and hardware. I just don’t get tired of looking things like planes, picture screws, and drawer slides, and there is a truly impressive selection of the drawer slides. Right now I’m drooling over the double edged flush-cutting saw, which is used “to cut off a projection without damaging the surrounding or adjoining face.” I’m certain I will need one someday. I might have to come up with a project specifically for it, but I’m sure it will be worth it just to have an excuse to use the flexible yet rigid blade.

Lee Valley and Veritas catalog

The center insert had an added bonus beyond the usual order page: a technical bulletin. With articles on whittling utensils and using food-safe finishes it contains lots of interesting information and useful tips. The bulletin ends with this note: “These bulletins are intended as keepers, thus the three holes. We will publish them as often as we have something to say and as we have time to put it to paper.” I look forward to the next time they have something to say.

4 thoughts on “Catalog review: Lee Valley & Veritas February 2008

  1. Lee Valley has several different catalogs, by the way. Woodworking, Hardware, and Gardening, and great items in each one.

    I especially love the Watchmakers Cases–great for sorting out teeny pieces and keeping them secure, yet visible. Jewelers like them for storing snips of solder, pure precious metal granules, and other tiny bits. They have also have "spice jars" which are deeper than the watchmaker’s cases.

  2. I agree that the multiple catalogues are fantastic, but I have the dubious pleasure of being a half-hour drive from three of their showrooms, and the temptation to drain the pocketbook in one is HUGE…. There’s almost always something in our family gift-giving that comes from Lee Valley (Oooo… be sure to sign up for their Christmas Gift Idea fliers in December!)

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