Clarity in Industrial Design

Urban Ore Pretty things

On our last trip to Urban Ore, we found this fantastic example of illustration as an element of industrial design. The “Sun Dial” on this 8mm Bell & Howell 333 wind-up movie camera is absolutely foolproof. If only all camera controls were so clear!


Urban Ore Pretty things

Here’s what the rest of the camera looks like. Sorry about the busy background–those pretty tube boxes are awfully distracting. You can see the normal, wide, and telephoto lenses here. Note that the red and yellow rectangles on the viewfinder correspond to the ring color on the lens choice as well. (Where’s my digital conversion for this thing, anyway?)

1 thought on “Clarity in Industrial Design

  1. My dad had a very similar camera when I was a teenager. I don’t remember any exposure adjustment though. It did have the 3 lenses, and the rectangles in the viewfinder.

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