Enjoy new taste thrills with skewered food!

Urban Ore Loot

The cheerful vintage packaging card for these lovely Kenberry stainless skewers proclaims that “whatever you like, it will taste better on a skewer.” This set came from the hallowed halls of Urban Ore in Berkeley. It is hard to imagine anyone who could have resisted the exhortation to “enjoy barbecue taste thrills year round indoors & out!” More pictures including close ups of all of the suggested skewer uses (“for individual shish-kebob service,” “for meat birds,” and “for good eating”) are in this flickr set for your enjoyment.
Urban Ore Loot

2 thoughts on “Enjoy new taste thrills with skewered food!

  1. I like eating cornflakes, yet am oddly unpersuaded that they would taste better on a stainless steel skewer.

    Cheerios, however, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Likewise, I don’t think it would improve the experience of soup, to which I’m rather partial.

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