Floral Arrangements for Engineers

Wire Wrap Frog
Bonsai rose: a new use for wire-wrap sockets.

Wire Wrap Frog

What can you do with old wire-wrap sockets? Turn them into frogs. Flower frogs, that is, which are used for holding flower stems at a particular angle without the support of a vase edge to lean on.

Wire Wrap Frog   Wire Wrap Frog

If you happen to have a socket like the pretty blue one, no further work is required. It is very much like these frogs and, even more so, these kanzan for Ikebana. More commonly available sockets can be put in a piece of perf-board so that flower stems can be slid onto the pins.

Wire Wrap Frog

Socket frogs are not as heavy as traditional lead and brass frogs, so use stones or glass weights to hold the frog in place and cover it. Add water and your arrangement is complete.

Wire Wrap Frog

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  1. The stem should be cut at an angle and an appropriate amount of water (or other plant-preserving liquid nourishment) added. The term 生花 [ikebana] means literally "living flowers", and part of the art is keeping them alive and looking good for at least a short period of time.

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