Laughing Squid logo PCB

Laughing Squid Logo PCB

It seemed to us that the Laughing Squid logo was just crying out to be recreated as a real printed circuit board… so we made this one and gave it to Scott (Laughing Squid’s Primary Tentacle) at the Maker Faire earlier this month. He was a even good enough sport to let us play with his logo without telling him what we were using it for– so we were able to keep it a surprise!

The circuit board is a 3.5″ square. It would make a good coaster with rubber feet added to the bottom, once we get the contrast turned up a bit– the background was supposed to be considerably darker. If enough people are interested, we could make up a batch of these to put in the Squid Store, so let us know!

(Photo CC by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.)

2 thoughts on “Laughing Squid logo PCB

  1. I think they look sweet… not sure what a fair price for one would be, but I think my limit would be $5 to be honest… laugh if you think it’s too high or low, but we all have our thoughts on what is the right price :)

  2. Yes, I would like to see Laughing Squid PCBs made available for purchase.

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