Lego Kitchen Crafts

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Here are a few simple and elegant Lego projects that can bring a little cheer into your kitchen. Above, a complementary pair of candy dishes.

lego - 2
A napkin holder, loosely modeled after a part of the Brooklyn Bridge.

lego - 1
This fruit bowl is quite functional and easy to make from standard components.
(Need one? Assign it to your youngster!)

lego - 3
Wooden utensil holder, inspired by the Duomo di Siena.

lego - 6

Finally, a decorative vase that consists of a Lego framework around a plain glass bottle. It keeps your flowers happy, it’s better looking than the plain bottle inside, it’s customizable, and there’s no need to either make it watertight or get your bricks wet.

5 thoughts on “Lego Kitchen Crafts

  1. I could be mistaken, but it looks like the little terraced spice-jar platform behind the utensil holder is also made of LEGO. Is it?

    1. This is actually just a commercial piece of cheap molded styrene (with non-skid rubber dots on the top) designed for that very application. Lego would do a good job of it too, if there were a thin rubber layer over the top.

      Windell H. Oskay

    2. Those are actual shelves that are smaller when purchased and the ends pull out to make them longer. I have a couple. I think I bought them from a place like Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think Walmart or Target also carries them in their Housewares sections.

      1. No, those aren’t the expandable ones, though I have seen those as well. They are just a couple of stand-alone ones placed next to eachother.

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