New goodies at the Evil Mad Science Shop

10 mm LEDs   10 mm pink LEDs
10 mm pink LEDs   10 mm pink LEDs

Big, bad, beautiful and bright 10 mm diffused PINK LEDs, just the thing to help you make that ultra-geeky Valentine’s day gift! Seriously hard to find. Cheaper than diamonds.
[Product page]

(Remember: What better way to say “I love you,” than with the gift of doped semiconductors exhibiting radiative recombination properties?)


22-pin dip socket

High-quality black and white vinyl stickers, 8.5″ x 1.5″, $1.00 each. [Product page]

Lots of people are apparently afraid of LEDs and wires. Show them that you aren’t.


And some less flashy goodies:
using lead forming tool

Resistor lead forming tools, as seen in this article.
[Product page]



ZIF Socket

20-pin DIP ZIF sockets. Cheap.
Perfect for programing ATtiny2313’s or other small DIP microcontrollers.

[Product page]


Also recently added, for those of you that find this sort of thing exciting: surplus 22-pin sockets and 10-pin headers. (Yow!)

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