"That’s no melon!"

"That's no melon!"

One cantaloupe, a knife, and five minutes. Your very own (and very tasty) planet-killing superweapon.

Hint 1: Center the “crater” around where the stem was connected so that the darker fibers under the skin point towards the center of it.

Hint 2: Stretch a string around the melon to help guide your equatorial trench.

(Also: you don’t really need that exhaust port. It’s a weakness.)

8 thoughts on “"That’s no melon!"

  1. Someone has (had?) a little too much free time on their hands.

    I’m jealous.

  2. ‘This is not the exhaust port you are looking for.’
    After a couple of days on the counter, you may find Things in your trash-masher, also.

  3. If you’re gonna play with melons at least turn it into a breast or something. Maybe a Death Breast like the one on Digitalfuntown.com . . . What a way to go ;-)

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