Cardboard Cat Chaise Roundup


photo by Caitlin Burke

Lots of folks have been making our cardboard cat chaise to mollify their feline companions, so we thought it was about time for a round up.

  • abehman made one and painted it red to complement Alowishus’ lovely shade of grey.
  • Blog of Fun padded theirs with The Kid’s favorite bath mat.
  • scottb12t3 on flickr caught Toby using his.
  • used this as an excuse to make a unit conversion script since he prefers metric (can’t blame him).
  • Empty-handed‘s chaise clearly got immediate use.
  • Caitlin not only put Mr Bun’s chaise on Thing a day, but also augmented it with the tasseled cushion you can see in the photo above.

If I missed yours, drop me a note in the comments. And if you make one, we’d love to see it in the flickr auxiliary!

Update: Here are more:

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