linkdump: December 2009

  1. Micro-KIM 8-bit computer kit
  2. Bony desk lamp
  3. Robot videos ftw
  4. The words of physics
  5. Best Lego costume ever.
  6. Sound sculptures by Zimoun
  7. Visualization of light moving from the earth to the moon
  8. How to weave glass
  9. Kitchenaid Flames
  10. Cat-o-lanterns?
  11. Interesting source of food-grade mold-making materials.
  12. A nice variation on the ice tube clock
  13. Awesome Giant Lamp
  14. Sausage link scarf
  15. A gentle introduction to bitwise operators
  16. Best zoo ad ever?
  17. Photos from the Russian space museum
  18. Star Trek films: Odd vs Even

1 thought on “linkdump: December 2009

  1. If only all ads could be as creative as that Zoo ad. I wonder how many people with phobias refused to get on the bus?

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