Linkdump: February 2009

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  1. The magenta one is silly. Magenta is a reflective color — i.e., you perceive color because light bounces off it it. It therefore has different properties than transmissive colors, which we perceive by light passing through it or emanating from it.

    Computer screens and rainbows use RGB, solid materials use CMYK of which the M is magenta.

    The fun part is that those two color wheels intersect. What goes between Magenta and Yellow? Red. What goes between Yellow and Cyan? Blue. What goes between Cyan and Magenta? Blue.

    Black (K) is a part of the reflective color scheme only because our technology doesn’t allow us to simulate K with CMY. Theoretically, 100% CMY = K but it just ends up a dark muddy color, so we have to add K to create a true black.

    Is anyone still reading this?

    1. That Rubbish comment was about the magenta article… in case anyone wanted to know before clicking the link.

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