Pi Pie Trivet

Pi (squared) trivet - 9

Happy Pi Day! Pi day was just made official. In honor of National Pi Day, we present a pi trivet, perfect for cooling your Apple pie (or pi pie) on.

Pi (squared) trivet - 6

Besides just the letter pi, The number pi up to the first thousand digits after the decimal are laser engraved into half-inch thick cork. The overall size of the trivet is about seven inches, square.

Pi (squared) trivet - 2

This cork is actually gasket material from McMaster-Carr, which has a wonderfully smooth and even surface. Compared to many of the other cork materials that we have seen– like that used for many cheap trivets– this has very little pitting and the surface shows fine detail very well.

6 thoughts on “Pi Pie Trivet

  1. This is neat, I like it! But, shouldn’t a Pi trivet be circular instead of square? :-)

  2. I agree that it ought to be round. Will you be reproducing and selling these? I bet there’d be a market for them. I imaging Think Geek would be happy to resell.

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