Stickers for the Organic Gardener

Organic Gardening Stickers

The influence of the Slow Food movement is increasing, and gardening is getting ever more popular. Even the tech bloggers are posting about local pollinators and getting beehives. In this environment, it is fitting that a new use has been found for our Now Slower and with More Bugs stickers, which were first seen in the wild back in December 2007. If you find a good use for them, we’d love to see pictures in the flickr auxiliary!

(Thanks, Lorien!)

Organic Gardening Stickers

Photos by Lorien Tersey

9 thoughts on “Stickers for the Organic Gardener

  1. You have a good concept but need more variety on the labels. I have an organic CSA garden and would like to label my produce and eggs with some cute attention getting stuff!

  2. Well, it sure made my day to see my pictures up on the site. And did I ever need a lift, not only did I have a grueling test in trigonometry yesterday, but this week we topped 100 degrees! The vegetables are keeping me busy begging for more water.

    Thanks, Lorien

  3. Good idea, though it’s a bit confusing. Mostly, because bees are not "bugs." That term specifically constitutes a single order of insects (Hemiptera) colloquially called "true bugs," many of which are terrible pests (the lygus bug, for example). Like "ladybugs" which are actually beetles, Hemiptera does not include honeybees (or any bees/wasps); they are Hymenopterans – a largely useful order.

    <takes dork hat off for a few minutes>

    -Marie, Urban Farmer and Punk Rawk Plant Scientist
    Portland, Oregon
    <a href="">Sellwood Garden Club</a>

    1. For the non-technical among us, my garden has an uncountable variety of bugs, both the true bugs and all the other insect and insect-like creatures that are commonly called bugs. If you look closely at the picture of the watermelon you will see white marks caused by the striped cucumber beetle, a purely cosmetic "defect", and as long as the cucumber beetles had plenty of watermelon rind to chew on they left the cucumbers alone.

      A nice side effect of the bugs is that my garden is now slower and with more lizards and birds. I saw the first horned toad of the year yesterday.

      Lorien Tersey, a gardener formerly of Portland, OR, now gardening in Tucson.

  4. XD awesome sticker hack!
    using them for veg is so much friendlier than for software :)

  5. haha you should have this hanging as a manetag from a sloth! i know it’s not like gardening related, but it’s true!!

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