Super quick no-sew iPhone cozy

no-sew iPhone cozy14

Here’s a simple fabric sleeve you can make to protect your phone from keys, coins, cables, and whatever else gets thrown in the bag with it. Even simpler, you can make it without sewing at all through the magic of iron-on adhesives. Best of all, you can still see who’s calling and answer calls through the fabric.

no-sew iPhone cozy01

This project is a variation on our iPod cozy only without the sewing. All you need is a six-inch square of light-colored fabric and some 5/8″ iron-on adhesive, such as TackyFuse.

Note that for other models of gadgets, measurements may need to be adjusted, and it is always a good idea to check for fit before fusing any seams.

no-sew iPhone cozy03

First, fold your fabric over a 6″ strip of adhesive and iron down to form the top hem.

no-sew iPhone cozy05

Next, roll your fabric into a tube with the hem at one end, but inside out for now. Place a 5 1/4″ strip of adhesive along one of the long edges of the tube, and place the opposite edge over the adhesive. Iron that seam to seal it.

no-sew iPhone cozy06

Put a 2 1/2″ strip of adhesive in the bottom of the tube and iron it shut.

no-sew iPhone cozy08

Trim the corners so that it will turn right side out more easily later. Put a 1″ piece of adhesive on the fused part.

no-sew iPhone cozy09

Fold the fused seam upwards and iron it to fuse so that when you turn it right side out and put your phone in it won’t bunch up at the bottom.

no-sew iPhone cozy15

Turn it right side out and embellish as desired. You can clip the adhesives around the edges of any shape you want to turn into an iron-on. (Shown here is an appealing scrap from the Missile Command Skirt.)

no-sew iPhone cozy11

Leave the front side undecorated so that you can see through the fabric to use your phone when you receive a call. Now your phone is protected from scratches in your bag, purse or pocket!

no-sew iPhone cozy13

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  1. But can you answer the call with the phone in its cosy? Will sliding your finger work through the fabric?

      1. hey where i can buy the textile industry to make it? im french sorry 4 my english :p

        1. Buying the entire industry will be a little much for just a piece of cloth, and any light colored, thin fabric should do the trick. No need to go taking over entire industries now…

  2. that would be the joke. well done, sir or madam, and welcome to the funny part!

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