Cooking for Geeks

Cooking for Geeks cover

Woo-hoo! We just got Cooking for Geeks in the mail. You can view it as a cookbook that takes time to delve into the science of the recipes or a food science book with demonstrative recipes. Or maybe an introduction to everything that food geeks know about, but everyone else wishes they did. It also has a series of interviews with geeks, chefs and scientists– including us, but I’m not sure which of those categories we fit into. Regardless, we enjoyed talking with Jeff about the book and are happy to see it out in print!

The cover design with splatter marks and stains means less worry when it gets spilled on in the process of cooking (not that I’ve ever worried about that with any of my other cookbooks).

Cooking for Geeks inside

Most pages have ample room for margin notes, which is something I’m fond of for recipe alterations. It flops open on the counter well, too.

We got a nice shoutout from Jeff on NPR’s Science Friday last week for the laser cut pie crust from our Apple pie, which is featured in the book along with our electrocuted hot dogs. Thanks, Jeff, and congrats on getting the book out there!

7 thoughts on “Cooking for Geeks

    1. Apples and oranges. I haven’t read much of Cooking for Geeks yet, and I don’t think I have read any Alton Brown cookbooks. Harold McGee is a hero, and I love reading On Food and Cooking. OFaC is really deep, methodical and thorough. CfG has recipes, tips and interviews accompanying the discussion of the science, so it’s a very different kind of book.

      1. Not having read any of Alton’s cookbooks myself, I can’t say for sure, but having watched Good Eats for a number of years, I’d be more inclined to say that his cookbooks would be MORE like CfG than most cookbooks. Especially since the description that you gave about CfG basically matches the spirit and presentation of the Good Eats series…

  1. Hah, it reminds me more of a textbook on the inside; tables, diagrams, reference photos, margins to write notes and blocks of text, with all the important information in shaded areas.

  2. I got a copy of the book and was all excited to see you in there. Congrats!!

    …Stef from Cupcake Project

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