Cylon Snow Plow

johngineer posted this Cylon Snow Plow video and writes:

    • “Took the EMSL Larson Scanner I got at the Open Hardware Summit, and stuck it on my dad’s snowplow-equipped John Deere. It fits perfectly! Good times. I need to get a few more of these kits for the snowblower and the Kubota — they are incredibly well made. Sorry for the shaky video — I shot it with my phone, and I was shivering.”

Get the Larson Scanner kit at the Evil Mad Scientist shop. :D


4 thoughts on “Cylon Snow Plow

  1. so John Deer is a company who produces cylon models? :)
    The modder should remove the company sign.

  2. John Deere is a company that produces lawnmowers, tractors and earth-moving equipment. I don’t know what John Deer does.

  3. Looks great, but in terms of description, I would stick with the vehicle motiff and go with the KITT Snow Plow. Install that Turno Boost button and who knows…you may get an offer to play The Hoff!

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