Evil Mad Scientist LA Meetup: Sunday April 11th

This weekend the lab staff will be visiting the Los Angeles area and we’re planning a meetup if you’d like to say hello. This will be informal, but we’ll be bringing along a few of our little projects to show off.

The fine folks at Crash Space, a Los Angeles hacker space, have generously offered to host the event, which is scheduled for Sunday evening, 6-11 PM.

Crash Space is located at
10526 Venice Blvd, Culver City CA 90232
(Google Map | Street View)

In case of overflow, or other last-minute changes on Sunday, please check our twitter feed, http://twitter.com/EMSL for updates.

We’ve already heard from a few of our maker/hacker friends who might drop by, including Eliot Phillips, former head editor of Hack a Day, and Tod E. Kurt, co-founder of ThingM and Crash Space. We hope that you’ll join us too!

Update 4/10/10: Looks like John Park of Make: TV and Mister Jalopy of Dinosaurs and Robots may be able to join us as well!

Update 4/14/10: Thanks to everyone who came out, and special thanks to Crash Space for hosting! It was great to meet new friends, hang out with old ones, and see the projects everyone was working on. @daryll put together a nice video of the event (via).

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  1. Beautiful. I never fail to be amazed whenever I see these atom splitting pictures with hydrogren function, the physical laws of nature are so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Dave, a mad scientist

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