Linkdump: February 2010

  1. Crayon rockets!
  2. The original rolling ball clock — now available again!
  3. Also, ever seen the Arrow coin clock?
  4. Attention BF programmers that want better 3D graphics support: The bfopengl project needs more developers.
  5. Al Gore changes font (via)
  6. Food science: Why fry fries twice?
  7. Fordson Snow Machine from 1929 (on YouTube) (via)
  8. Virtual radar — Google maps + planes over Europe
  9. Measuring the ink used by different fonts, the analog way.
  10. Awesome Hopping Robot
  11. Self-slicing Pizza and many other interesting projects
  12. Multiwire circuit boards (link goes to patent). Fascinating older, specialized technology that was actually used. You can get a good idea what it’s all about from the illustrations in the PDF.
  13. We’re excited to see some hints that open-source embroidery may happen someday.
  14. Sea glass candy
  15. Awesome LED earrings at Etsy
  16. Gear generator program by Matthias Wandel; video demo here. Would be fully awesome except that it’s for Windows only. (A simple, online version is available here.)
  17. Make a tasty Ice Planet
  18. Remaking classic perpetual motion machines, at the Museum of Unworkable Devices.
  19. Interesting perspective: Is luck a skill?
  20. Some nice looking wooden notebooks

2 thoughts on “Linkdump: February 2010

  1. My 8th grade teacher made a Crayola rocket. This was about ten years ago, but he probably built it years earlier. He was definitely a model rocket hobbyist. Although I believe he used a giant plastic crayon instead of building his own.

    In fact, our entire class built model rockets out of paper for the body, balsa wood fins, and a straw for the guide rod. He also built a wind tunnel so we could test the balance of our rockets. Our little rockets used A-engine. The Crayola used a G-engine.

  2. Totally awesome, you guys are brownncoats!
    It has made my day to follow the link to the blog with the recipe for Ice Planets. Thank You.

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