MeggyCade Jr

From our forums comes this awesome “MeggyCade Jr” by Michale Molero:

“The MeggyCade is the first (and currently only) tabletop arcade game that includes a full-featured Meggy Jr RGB game system inside it, complete with authentic arcade controls. I built this thing from scratch in just under a month (with spurts of free time here and there).”

The video demo is at Youtube, and there’s a photo build log up here. Nice work!

8 thoughts on “MeggyCade Jr

  1. Dude!

    Very nice!

    Congrats on getting it all working! I’ve been following the thread in the forums for a while now, and it’s awesome to see the finished product!



    1. Does that video exist without the music somewhere? Some people, such as those who live in Germany, are just greeted with the message that Sony doesn’t want us to see the video (yet, they only want us to not hear any sound).

  2. I wanted to build a giant Meggy Jr. a’la the SparkFun giant Nintendo Controller. Now I feel slower and lazier than I already am. Oh well…

    I think I am, therefore I am… I think

    1. do it anyway. it’s only a matter of time before someone one-ups this beast. might as well be you!

      i taped a phone to my balls and they call me nuts.

  3. Gah. Why the loud intrusive music in vids like this? It did nothing for the vid and I quit the vid halfway through because of it….Using music in this way gives the vid an amateurish feel that it doesn’t need if it’s trying to show off a completed project.

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