Why isn’t there a custom engraving option for these?

Bunny Shoes 1

Sometimes, when laser engraving fabrics, you get really lucky. The canvas in these shoes wasn’t dyed all the way through, and when engraved, it took on a beautiful tone.

Seriously, Converse, you should offer custom graphics with every sneaker order!

8 thoughts on “Why isn’t there a custom engraving option for these?

  1. I just ordered some laser engraved yo-yos, ’cause I love the look of lasers on wood, but I’d love to try working with some laser etched fabrics. Have ya’ll ever tried etching leather?

  2. We’ve tried many other materials, but not leather. It’s pretty common, though, and Epilog has some information about leather engraving on their site.

    1. I laser leather pretty often(have ULS 50 watt) and it turns out really good most of the time. Darker leathers don’t have good contrast…..oh it smells real bad sometimes…takes a few days to air out.

      Moore & Giles in VA makes a lot of leather

  3. so cool i have a mini handheld lazer engraver and a pair of converse i am actually engraving the EMSL RESIST logo on them rite now!!!!!

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